Dental implants are an incredible solution to a variety of problems. However, before getting one you should do your research. Only someone who is responsible and ready to take care of their teeth with care should consider obtaining a dental implant.

Usually, implants cost anywhere from $2,500 and can exceed $5,000 for the treatment. There are many positive aspects of having a dental implant, as they substantially improve your quality of life. Dental implants are a lifetime investment, and they will stay with you for decades and remain sturdily implanted in your mouth until the day you die.

In order to avoid the need for a dental implant, you should treat your mouth like you would your car, with a lot of care and respect. Deciding to have a dental implant should not be taken lightly. This is a decision that should be given ample consideration so you can be certain that you make the best decision for you and your particular needs. While you have to be willing to invest a considerable amount of time and money in the tooth, there are several other reasons to consider a dental implant. After all, dental implants are a durable and valuable solution for the loss of a tooth. 

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Why Are Dental Implants the Right Choice?

• You will be able to enjoy food and laugh while worry free of dentures!
• An implant is a “stand alone” tooth replacement so it addresses your one-tooth problem and leaves it a one-tooth problem.
• Dental implants are life-long solutions.
• Dental implants can’t get cavities, so you don’t have to worry about them needing fillings later.
• After an extraction, a dental implant is the only option that can preserve your jaw bone’s health.
• Implants look like natural teeth, so you don’t have to worry about an empty spot in your mouth.

These last two points are amongst the most important ones, as dental implants do help protect the integrity of your mouth. Once a person loses a tooth, the jaw bone underneath will lose bone mass. This is the reason why many elderly people who lose many teeth have a reduced jaw bone, and thus their jaw becomes smaller overtime. To avoid such a notable bone loss, it is best to obtain a dental implant. At our Santa Ana Dental Office we work extensively with many patients who have suffered from bone loss, so do not worry. In fact, at all of our locations we see many patients that have waited a long time to fix a missing tooth issue. If you are a candidate for bone graft, we will most likely be able to offer you an implant as part of your treatment! 

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Why Would I Need A Dental Implant?

There are several reasons that you would need a dental implant. Dental implants may be necessary for a large decay in a tooth, an abscess or infection of the tooth or its roots, a fractured root, a severe break or an accident that has knocked the tooth out. In any of these situations, a dental implant is a long-term solution to your problem. At our Ontario Dental Office, we have seen countless of cases where dental implants are the right choice and as a result, changed the live of our patients. 

While implants may fall under cosmetic dentistry, they can be an effective treatment solution for other problems. An ideal candidate for a dental implant should have good oral health as well as general health. In order to have a dental implant, you should not have a problem with cavities, infections, gum disease or chronic health problems like heart disease or diabetes. Having these issues doesn’t mean you won’t qualify for a dental implant, but the dentist will want to ensure any of these health problems are under control prior to proceeding with the implant. If you’re curious about dental implants and the procedures that go along with obtaining a dental implant, read on about dental implants here!

Your Habits Must Be Considered

If you are a smoker, your chances of implant failure are increased significantly. If you don’t keep your six-month dental checkups so you can catch dental issues early, you may want to reconsider that before getting an implant. You also need to make sure your oral care habits are at their best. If you want to make sure dental implants are the right choice for you, talk with your dentist. He or she will be aware of your situation and can make the proper recommendation.

If you want more thorough information on dental implants as pertaining to your specific case come in to one of our three locations today for a consultation!