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Making The Right Decision By Choosing A Dental Implant For Tooth Loss

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Loosing a tooth can be an emotional and stressful experience, but there are great options out here to choose from to replace that lost tooth with a dental implant. This type of incident is not unusual and can happen to many people out here. There are different things that can and will cause this type of situation to happen to someone such as cavities and disease of the gums. Gaps in between a person’s teeth can be anyone’s nightmare because the appearance of it is just not appealing to certain onlookers, and this may cause some other types of problems.

Teeth that are close or anywhere near these teeth gaps may have a tendency to shift into those empty spaces, and this can change the entire mouth structure. That is when most people realize that their mouth is not aligned in its correct positions anymore. The teeth in the opposite jaw either make a decision to grow upwards or downwards. The empty space of the lost tooth can begin to shrink because of not using the regular chewing motion in that area. It is very hard to regain the loss of gum and bone tissue once it has been deteriorated.

It is best to try to use prevention measures to avoid this happening at all in the first place, but a dental implant is the best choice to avoid any further problems from the loss of teeth. Dentistry has excelled in so many areas with several modern approaches to make everyone’s smile look natural and attractive. Patients in the past were not able to afford any of these teeth replacement procedures, but it is obtainable now in this day and age because prices are affordable for the average person who needs this type of dental work done from a missing tooth.

A dental tooth implant is a tooth root that is artificial, and it is implanted into the person’s jawbone where the real tooth would have been before. It’s job is to support all of the teeth it has surrounding it. This process also helps to preserve bone volume too, and that is a fact that most are not aware of when considering a dental tooth implant. Some of the implants can be put in the same day the loss of a tooth happens, but it all depends on how the tooth came out by learning what actually caused this such as accidents that can strike at any moment. There are some people who have a few teeth that are missing, or it could be all of the teeth in the mouth that had to come out so that is when dentures would usually be an option. Having dental implants placed as soon as possible will ensure the best possible outcomes.

If you have any questions please give Acevedo Dental Group a call and we will be happy to answer them. We now have a brand new state of the art office in Santa Ana, CA where we have the latest technology to place Dental Implants.

Acevedo Dental Offers Top-Notch Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Even though it’s recommended that you visit the dentist for routine checkups and cleanings, it may also be necessary for you to have cosmetic dental services from time to time. That’s why Acevedo Dental has a team of professionals to provide you with the cosmetic dentistry services you need. Our dental staff understands that having a great smile is a large part of building and maintaining you confidence, and we’re here to help. 

Traditional dentistry usually centers around preventing oral diseases, treating diseases of the teeth and gums, and encouraging oral hygiene. During a conventional dentist appointment you will likely also get a thorough teeth cleaning, as well as x-rays if necessary. There may be a need for you to receive special treatment for your teeth and gums, you’ll likely receive a treatment plan that includes flossing and regular brushing to obtain a bright and healthy smile. However, with cosmetic dentistry, you can choose the desired services you want for a smile that will definitely stand out. 

There are also a number of restorative benefits to cosmetic dentistry. Fillings are a common part of cosmetic dental work, and the fillings are used to treat teeth that have decayed. In the past, dental fillings were mostly made of materials like amalgam and gold, but these caused dark spots to form on the teeth. 

These days, the fillings you may receive at the dentist’s office are made of composite materials or porcelain, so they can match the actual color of your teeth as closely as possible. This makes your teeth and your smile appear more natural. A number of people also choose to get their old fillings replaced with newer versions to improve their overall appearance. 

Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

There have been a number of advancements in technology when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, which is why you can easily get dental treatments that involve natural, tooth-colored materials. Dentists are also implementing conservative techniques, so that as much of your natural teeth can be reserved as possible. 

The cosmetic dentists at Acevedo Dental also use laser technology to perform some of the procedures that you need for a new smile. The procedures are performed in the office, so you won’t have to get a referral to another specialist. This makes your smile makeover more convenient and comfortable, and the techniques used can also give you a shorter recovery time.

Dental Implants for a More Natural Smile

Frustrated consumers that have grown tired of ill-fitting dentures that slip and cause discomfort are choosing dental implants as a better solution. In the busy world that we live in, who has time give their dentures a bath when you can have dental implants that are just like your natural teeth; brush, floss, and go.

As our population ages, the number of consumers with missing teeth have increased. More consumers are faced with choosing partial dentures, bridges, or the more invasive but permanent choice, dental implants as a way to replace their missing teeth. A recent report by the CDC reports that about 25% of consumers over aged 60 are missing all of their natural teeth. In addition, nearly 63% of American consumers are missing one or more teeth.

As Americans struggle with the economy and loss of of decreased benefits, they are faced with the choice of choosing a dental instrument that will wear out or need to be relined over time, or choose an implant, which is a more lasting option, that looks more like their natural teeth. Under many dental coverage plans, relines and repairs are covered at a higher percentage than dental implants, but the patient is left without their denture or partial while it is being repaired, which may cause problems with eating, in addition to a undesirable cosmetic appearance.

Many insurance plans that cover prosthodontic (bridges, implants, and dentures), also cover dental implants at that same percentage, which can be up to 50% coverage. The technology for dental implants has improved over the years to allow for faster healing, more comfort, less visits, and a more natural appearance. When a patient receives a partial or full denture, there are numerous return visits for adjustments to relieve abrasions, and sore spots due to hard material irritating mouth, gum, tongue, and even remaining teeth. These can be a painful process to ease the patient’s comfort to be able to not only feel comfortable, but to be able to eat without pain.

Yes, the process of installing dental implants is a surgical procedure, and takes time to heal just like an extraction, but after an extraction, all you are left with is an empty space. Savvy patients know that the best long-term option, for their health, quality of life, and the best financial choice, is the dental implant.

Are you a candidate for dental implant? Call your dentist today, so that they can determine your treatment options for dental implants. The practical way to improve your smile: floss, brush, and go!

All Your Questions About Dental Implants and the Cost Answered By Acevedo Dental

There tends to be lots of questions involving dental implants, even before the patient comes in to get them. Here at Acevedo Dental Group, we strive to make customer service our number one priority. Part of this responsibility involves sitting down to answer any and all questions a patient might have. Below are some examples of questions and answers that we have been asked. Hopefully, this will ease some of the concern some of you have about getting dental implants.


This all depends on the person and his/her situation. It also depends on which part of the mouth and who is doing it for you. A normal ballpark estimate can put your costs anywhere between $3,000-4,500. This will normally include everything, before and after. Now if you are looking to get back teeth implants, this cost is a bit different. The best way to get a proper estimate is to come in for an Implant Consultation. Call today to make an appointment. 


There is usually one risk associated with this procedure. It involves inflammation around the bone and the gum area. This is normal; but, it also needs to be watched. Regular visits with us will help prevent this from happening. Sometimes we will have to adjust the bite-line, to ensure a healthy implant. You will need to come back for several follow-up session for maintenance. You will also need to take care of yourself at home. You will need to brush regularly. Floss daily too. This will remove any excess dirt and debris that is left over. CLOSING THOUGHTS Getting a dental implant can change your life. With the proper research and by asking the right questions, you too can come out of this a winner. We encourage our patients to ask as many questions as possible. If you are in need of a dental implant, please make an appointment today. That way our staff can go over any troubling issue you might have, and help you make an informed choice regarding dental implants. a

How To Get A Smile That Can Improve Your Life

montebello dentistry Your smile is very important. It is one of the first things people notice when they meet you. The condition of your teeth can help to make or break personal and professional relationships. When you smile if you have white, straight, even, properly shaped even teeth it is a sign that you care about your appearance and are disciplined, focused, and financially able to maintain it. On the other hand, a person with chipped, broken, missing, or discolored teeth is often perceived as undisciplined, sloppy, and broke. There are many causes of broken, misaligned, or discolored teeth.

Genetics, poor health, financial trouble, and negligence are some of the most popular. But if you are ready to improve yourself personally and professionally one of the most important things you can do is to improve the way your teeth look when you smile. Fortunately the dental health professionals at the Acevedo Dental Group can help. They offer a wide range of fast, effective, affordable, virtually painless dental services designed to give you a smile that shows off clean, even, healthy-looking teeth. Whether your teeth simply needs minor work or you have missing, misshapen, chipped, discolored, and broken teeth that need lots of work, the caring dental health professionals at the Acevedo Dental Group can help. They offer a wide range of services that can help to give you the winning smile you want.

Their services include:
  • Bleaching
  • Bonding Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Contouring and reshaping
When you visit their offices, the staff will assess your teeth, discuss your goals, and create the treatment plan that’s right for you. They accept many forms of health insurance or you can pay to have the work done yourself. If you are ready to fix your teeth and improve your smile, contact the Acevedo Dental Group at They will schedule a day and time for you to come into the office and begin the process of improving your smile. For many people a brighter, healthier smile improves their personal and professional life as well.

The experienced, innovative professionals at the Acevedo Dental Group will answer any questions you have, explain your treatment options, show you what your smile will look like when the treatment is complete, and discuss what you’ll need to do to keep your smile looking great. Contact them today and begin the process of creating a smile that can help to transform your life.

The Hidden Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to enhance our health and our relationships is through a smile. A simple sweet, genuine smile can do so much for our health and confidence:

1 – Lower Heart Rate
2 – Reduce Stress
3 – Better Mood
4 – Increase Productivity
5 – Encourage Trust
6 – Produce Empathy
7 – Avoid Regret
8 – Kill Pain
9 – Increase Attention
10 – Contagious
11 – Build Attraction
12 – Earn Success
13 – Look Younger
14 – Longevity
15 – Boost Immune System

And many, many more!

With so many advantages of smiling, everyone would really love to be able to smile, unfortunately, not everybody can! We were born with beautiful, healthy teeth, but we lose them when we fail to take care of them well and damage them through the years. We eat and drink different kinds of foods that are not good for our teeth; we don’t clean our teeth regularly and properly. In time, we lose our pearly, healthy teeth and we are left unable to smile.

People with missing, broken or crooked teeth are deprived of the ability to have a genuinely sweet smile on their face.

This is where the importance of cosmetic dentistry comes in. Cosmetic dentistry will allow us to share that vibrant healthy smile that we were ashamed and afraid to share because of the bad condition of our teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can do wonders to our teeth. Missing and broken teeth can be restored or reconstructed, one-hour teeth whitening is now available. Reshaping and resizing of the teeth is now available. A properly aligned set of teeth is now just a few dental visits away!

Cosmetic dentistry has been very beneficial to us:

• The subject of cosmetic dentistry has enabled us to discover and learn more about our teeth. Knowing more about our teeth makes us aware as to how to take care of them so they can serve us well for a longer time.
• With cosmetic surgery within our reach, we are now able to fix and correct our dental issues and be able to share our best smile exposing our perfect set of teeth. All of this brings more confidence in the way we look and the way people see us.
• It makes us more aware that we have to work hard towards maintaining our healthy teeth, that they need a lot of love and care. They should never be ignored and neglected. In fact, good teeth are like treasures that have to be valued.

The popularity of cosmetic dentistry has pulled a lot of people out of their miseries. Many people who used to have low self-esteem due to bad teeth have recovered their confidence and are now leading better lives.

Bad-looking teeth are not a problem anymore. Through cosmetic dentistry, we will be able to share our sweet, sunny smile to everyone with no fear of embarrassment.