Frustrated consumers that have grown tired of ill-fitting dentures that slip and cause discomfort are choosing dental implants as a better solution. In the busy world that we live in, who has time give their dentures a bath when you can have dental implants that are just like your natural teeth; brush, floss, and go.

As our population ages, the number of consumers with missing teeth have increased. More consumers are faced with choosing partial dentures, bridges, or the more invasive but permanent choice, dental implants as a way to replace their missing teeth. A recent report by the CDC reports that about 25% of consumers over aged 60 are missing all of their natural teeth. In addition, nearly 63% of American consumers are missing one or more teeth.

As Americans struggle with the economy and loss of of decreased benefits, they are faced with the choice of choosing a dental instrument that will wear out or need to be relined over time, or choose an implant, which is a more lasting option, that looks more like their natural teeth. Under many dental coverage plans, relines and repairs are covered at a higher percentage than dental implants, but the patient is left without their denture or partial while it is being repaired, which may cause problems with eating, in addition to a undesirable cosmetic appearance.

Many insurance plans that cover prosthodontic (bridges, implants, and dentures), also cover dental implants at that same percentage, which can be up to 50% coverage. The technology for dental implants has improved over the years to allow for faster healing, more comfort, less visits, and a more natural appearance. When a patient receives a partial or full denture, there are numerous return visits for adjustments to relieve abrasions, and sore spots due to hard material irritating mouth, gum, tongue, and even remaining teeth. These can be a painful process to ease the patient’s comfort to be able to not only feel comfortable, but to be able to eat without pain.

Yes, the process of installing dental implants is a surgical procedure, and takes time to heal just like an extraction, but after an extraction, all you are left with is an empty space. Savvy patients know that the best long-term option, for their health, quality of life, and the best financial choice, is the dental implant.

Are you a candidate for dental implant? Call your dentist today, so that they can determine your treatment options for dental implants. The practical way to improve your smile: floss, brush, and go!