Dental Implants


Permanent solution for tooth loss

Dental Implants are the foundations for replacement teeth. The implants serve as artificial tooth roots that support teeth restoration. These replacement teeth are created to match your natural teeth. The implant procedure is considered prosthetic and cosmetic forms of dentistry.

Millions of Americans suffer from tooth decay or gingivitis. Before dental implants were an option, most people had their missing teeth filled in by either bridges or dentures. But in our world today, dental implants are the preferred replacement for lost teeth.

When people have missing teeth, they can often feel too self conscious to open their mouths, smile or talk. Missing teeth can also have a negative effect on eating habits, leading to problems like malnutrition.

Smile, Change Your Life!
  • Permanent solution
  • Improved chewing and speaking
  • Natural function and look
  • Improved facial appearance
  • Prevention of bone loss
  • No special care required
  • Very sturdy and secure
  • No diet restrictions
  • Can be changed or updated
What are some advantages to getting dental implants?

When it is time to replace those missing tooth roots, people will get the necessary strength and stability with dental implants to eat the foods they love and not struggling to chew. Dental implants can also maintain the jaw bone, while helping prevent bone loss and sunken in facial features.

With an improved appearance, dental implants also improve speech. Dentures that do not fit well can slip and slide in the mouth causing the person to mumble or slur. The implants can also improve comfort, self esteem and oral health. If the patient has a tooth-supported bridge, this can require reducing the size of other teeth. With dental implants, natural teeth are not altered. They improve long term oral health. Implants are also durable, lasting many years. Dental implants are not removable, but permanent. No more removing dentures or applying messy adhesives to keep the teeth in place.

Change Your Life!
What is the success rate for dental implants?

Dental implants have a success rate of close to 98%. Teeth are lost because of excessive wear and tear, gum disease, root canal failure, tooth decay and trauma to the mouth. Dental implants today are virtually indistinguishable from other natural teeth. The facial appearance after the implant restorations is assisted by the functional and structural connections between the implant and the living bone. Implants are traditionally placed in a single sitting but there is a period of three to six months to heal.

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