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Dental Implants – Montebello, Ontario, Santa Ana

Implant Supported Dentures

Dental Implant Dentures

There are a lot of things to think about if getting any kind of dental work done. Many think all they need is a good dentist. While this is true, there are a few major procedures that may need some thinking about. One of these is Dental Implant Dentures.

What Are Dental Implant Dentures?

An Excellent Alternative to Dentures

Even though removable dentures have helped countless patients over the years regain basic dental function, many feels embarrassed or insecure in their dentures, and look for a more stable, reliable, long-term solution.

At Acevedo Dental Group we provide implant supported dentures; the permanent, fixed alternative to dentures in our offices in Montebello, Ontario and Santa Ana. A treatment option that combines the unique, beneficial components of both dentures and dental implants.


Why Dental Implant Dentures?

Overall, implant supported dentures provide a significant improvement in security, health, and long-term function, and are many patients’ choice for solving issues associated with missing teeth and removable dentures.

Am I a Candidate for Implant Dentures?

A good candidate for dentures will have lost all or most of their teeth. If you want your prosthetic to be supported by implants, you should meet the following requirements. However, you might still be a viable candidate after some preparatory procedures as well as necessary precautions. Please, contact us for a complimentary evaluation of your particular case.

  • A strong jawbone with enough bone tissue to join with and support the implants.
  • Gums that are free of periodontal disease.
  • No health conditions (such as diabetes) that could interfere with your mouth’s ability to heal around dental implants.
  • A tobacco-free lifestyle


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The Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

  • Natural, lifelike set of replacement teeth
  • Fully secured with dental implants
  • Improved facial and smile aesthetics
  • Restored biting and chewing force
  • Significant boost in self-esteem and wellbeing
  • Restored confidence in social settings
  • Implants stimulation stops the jawbone from resorbing and becoming smaller over time.
Dental implants supported dentures

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Changing lives, one smile at a time.

implants over dentures - before treatmen
implants over dentures - after treatment
implants over dentures - before treatment
implants over dentures - after treatment
implants over dentures - before treatment
implants over dentures - after treatment
implants over dentures - before treatment
implants over dentures - after treatment

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If you are planning to restore a lost tooth, several teeth or a full set of teeth, you want to be fully confident in your restorative dentist.

We are proud to be a team of qualified cosmetic dentists and dental implant specialists who have treated thousands of patients, and place dental implants every day.

Our approach is pure artistry - no details left to chance. We practice the most advanced techniques and procedures in placing implants, and we have restored beautiful smiles to countless patients.

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